Tips to hire Residential and Commercial Building Contractors

If you’re looking to build your own home or undertake a commercial project, you’ll probably be wondering: What does one need to know before hiring residential and commercial Building Contractors? Worry no more, we’ll be sharing the tips and tricks to make the best decision possible for your project.

1. Finalize your building plan

Before hiring a contractor, the first task of utmost importance is to finalize the building plan. You need to chalk out your requirements and then commit them to paper before moving on to the contractor hiring process. A good architect will help you plan out your space for the best possible utilization as per your desired specifications.

2. Get you detailed checklist ready

Once the building plan is wrapped up, now begins the hiring process. A favor you can do yourself to make the process easier is to chalk out a checklist of your wants and needs. Decisions like whether you want a credentialed and insured contractor for the job or one just starting out in the field is fine? Write down about fixtures, furnishes and even accessories for every room in your building because after all, the devil is in the details.

3. Solicit recommendations

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said, “Word of mouth is very powerful” so solicit recommendations from friends, colleagues and last but not the least, social media. Investigate company LinkedIn pages and even their Facebook links. You can check out the National Registry for building contractors of your area and seek reviews. To make the best and most informed choice, we’d advise you to “Research, research and more research”

4. Shortlist your candidates

After you’ve jotted down your plans and made a pool of possible candidate choices, now comes the main task; you can move towards shortlisting the candidates. Here is where you can utilize your checklist and compare it to the reviews of possible choices till both match up.

5. Start the bidding!
Now that you’ve shortlisted potential candidates, the time has come to finally start the Bidding process. Money doesn’t make the world go round but it can make or break your project so a cost-comparison by different contractors is essential. Your architect or building planner has probably already given you an estimate so now collect the bids.

6. Finalize the job and Begin!
After all the research and planning, you now are ready to begin. Draw up a contract, put everything in writing and Start! Good Luck!



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